Welcome to my world, where every shower curtain is a masterpiece of my own design. My journey as an interior decorator was filled with the search for that perfect blend of beauty and functionality, but it was a search that often ended in vain. That’s when I took matters into my own hands—I started designing shower curtains that would embody the elegance and style my clients deserved. Each shower curtain is a personal statement of my commitment to artistry. Born in Chicago, IL and now living in Venice, Ca I bring my inspirations into a simple sketch and brought to life through careful craftsmanship. My creations are more than just bathroom accessories; they are expressions of individuality.

I founded this business out of a necessity—a necessity to fill a void in the market for shower curtains that truly make a statement. Now, I offer you a collection that transforms your bathroom into a sanctuary of beauty.
I invite you to experience the transformation that my shower curtains bring. They are not just products; they are my visions of beauty, shared with you. Every curtain tells a story, and I am here to bring that story into your home.

Join me on this journey of elegance and let your bathroom reflect your exquisite taste. Welcome to Jessica Jani, where every shower curtain is a piece of my heart, shared with you.

I hope you enjoy! -JJ